How to love being a working Mum

working mum

Working mums often feel as though they need to work as well as if they didn’t have children or other obligations. It is pretty challenging find the right work life balance for you as a Mum and your family. Over my almost 10 years of being a Mum I have tried all the various combinations. I have been a full time stay at home Mum, full time working Mum and a part time working Mum. This blog may help you love being a working mum again.

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Why Every Mum should try Mother’s Group at least once

You might think that a Mother’s Group is a dated idea from pre-social media times when mums had no roles outside the home or wider support network to connect with, but joining a Mother’s Group can offer incredible benefits.

For many new mums, even those who went in skeptically, joining their Mother’s Group ended up being one of the best decisions they made, and a place to form lifelong friendships. I know I went along to Early birds with my first born and joined a Mother’s group from there. 8 years on we are still friends!

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The best lesson I have learnt in Motherhood

the best lesson in motherhood

The best lesson I have learnt in Motherhood – there are so many lessons. Families and friends are pretty special. But Mothers are AMAZING!! I am blessed with an amazing supportive Mum who is hands on with my four children. I know not everyone is lucky enough to have their families here in Darwin. Actually majority don’t. Read on to see what I have found to be the best lesson I have learnt in Motherhood.
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Waking up for your kids not to your kids

Waking up for you kids

It is the start of a brand new year! With many people setting New Years resolutions and have a renewed energy and focus. So it a great time to set new intentions of how you are with your children too! This week we have guest blogger Kathrin from Be Fit Mums sharing her thoughts on waking up for your kids and not too your kids! Yes it may still be holidays but set the intentions for when routines return when school is back or maybe even start implementing on holidays!

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Our Mum bodies – Mum body image after having kids

Mum body image

Mum body image. It is a thing. I have chatted to other Mum’s and it is a common theme but not many people talk about it openly. It is accepting your body and how it changes and looks after babies. I personally have struggled in the past and still occasionally struggle with my Mum body image – which I will talk about my own struggles in this blog. After having children one of the most difficult adjustments can be in accepting your post-baby body. If you are struggling with your mum body image, check out our tips on a little bit of self-acceptance.Continue Reading →