Motherhood Juggling Act – the joys and challenges

motherhood juggle act

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Motherhood Juggling Act. It is the most rewarding job ever. But it also comes with great challenges, overwhelm, overburden, exhaustion, stress and so much more. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change it for the world but just sometimes I want a pause button. I want to not be needed so much or thinking so much!

Motherhood Juggling Act

I feel like sometimes there is so much going on in my head. At breakfast time, I am thinking about the dinner meal, thinking about who has appointments booked for this week ahead. That we have run out of milk or toilet paper or another essential household item and where in my day can I get that (and how many kids do I have to drag in tow to the supermarket. Which then turns out to be a 20 minute trip in and out depending on how they behave, or who wants to cause a scene getting in or out of their car seats! LOL) My mind as a Mum is going 24/7 and sometimes I wish for an “off switch”….

I think this week it is becoming more apparent as I have just flown out and for the first time and left my husband alone with the four kids – for an extended period of time. We are talking 6 days! I am thinking of all the little things that I just do – to run a household. Knowing which breakfast items the fussy toddler “may” eat. What days the kids have after school activities – what times and where. What days the kids have library at school so they need to remember to take the library book bag. Actually finding the library book they borrowed….well that’s a completely different story!

I sat down the other day and did a massive food shop so I know they will not starve. But I cook the majority of the dinner meals so all the cooking will be on him – plus having the whingy toddler at his feet at the witching hour time….hmmm let’s see how that goes. He has not experience this Motherhood juggling act before!

They may end up eating take away for a few nights….it won’t be the end of the world.

It’s back to school this week as well – getting the kids back into routine of getting up early and getting them to school on time. On time. Yes four kids out the door, dressed, organised and to school on time. Should I mention now he is not a morning person? Let alone getting himself somewhere on time. Getting everyone somewhere on time should be……well interesting.

I think if anything this week will be a bit of a wake up call and he “may” realise all the little things I do. Whether he admits that or mentions it is another story.

I read a quote this week. I feels so relatable

I hope to get some extra unbroken sleep and enjoy my time awhile while also showing hubby being at home with the kids is not as easy as he seems to think it is.


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