Playgroups around Darwin, Palmerston and Beyond


There are so many different playgroups around Darwin, Palmerston and the Rural area. Darwin Family Life has complied many of the ones on offer. As playgroup information can change quickly we suggest you contact the group prior to arriving to confirm the details are still current. Please contact if you would like to feature on the blog.

A Playgroup is a relaxed sessions where parents, caregivers and children can play, learn and socialise in a fun environment. There are many different types of playgroups available which are listed below. Playgroups are a service for children and babies generally between the ages of 0-5 years and play an important role in getting children ready for school. Playgroups are a great way to socialise with your baby and child and meet other parents.

Playgroups are a great way to make sure that babies and children are developing across all their areas, with strong social, language and motor skills, and that parents and caregivers have the support and networks for their family. This is important in Darwin where a lot of family do not have their extended family support here.

We have rounded up some great playgroups available in Darwin, Northern Suburbs, Palmerston and the Rural area - the blog has times/days and different types of playgroups available.

Read our Playgroup blog here