Milestone moments for our kids

milestone moments

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Milestone moments – The next big milestone for my first born is about to happen……

When we first become parents, it is exciting all the first moments and milestones. The first smile, first word, when your baby first begins to walk. I became a Mum 11 years ago and I can still remember all these milestones. They are special milestone moments in time that we cherish. Even on the hard days when our child (or now pre teen) is hormonal and moody and challenging every fibre in my body. All the changes they are going through. Physically, mentally, emotionally. We still cherish those special moments in reflection.

In our household my first born and eldest daughter is about to embark on a special new chapter, she is finishing Year 6 and primary school. She will be officially off to Middle School next year.

This is a huge moment. A Milestone moment….I feel we are on the brink of her having so much more independence, getting herself home from school. A new found confidence. Having her own house keys. Being responsible. My little girl is no longer so little. We will be attending her graduation soon and already I feel like I will cry.

I am trying to ease her anxiety, her uneasy feelings about changing schools. About having a big timetable, multiple teachers. A whole new school environment. It is massive differences to primary school. Also the challenges with friendships and dramas for girls especially is a whole new territory we haven’t navigated before.

One tip I would suggest, for anyone else with kids about to change schools. Is to be there, talk through and practice how they will get home slowly. Ease them into it now.  Will they be catching a bus? Riding home? Walking? Practise now what they will be doing on their own next year. Organise catch ups with friends going to that school, over the school holidays. I know my daughter was excited to go and buy a diary/planner. We went together for her to pick one that suited her needs so she can write her assignments and things she needs to remember in it.

I think one great initiative by her primary school and the middle school was to have several orientation days throughout the year. They had four, one each term this year, so the students got to know the school, met many of the teachers and school staff, saw the school grounds and participated in the middle school timetable for a day. It has eased a lot of anxiety for my daughter.

I must admit though, as hard as parenting can be. The hormones, the attitude lately. I am super proud of my eldest daughter I am raising. Such a well rounded, driven and confident kid!

So here’s to all the other Mums out there. Embarking on these Milestone moments. Getting a bit teary, a bit sentimental, a bit unsure of the next big exciting, scary chapter you and your teen are about to embark on! I hope we can all keep our sanity and somewhat enjoy the next few years!

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