Darwin September and October School holidays 2020

Darwin September and October School Holidays

Darwin September and October School holidays 2020 break is fast approaching! We will have a two weeks break for Darwin public schools. Starting Saturday 26th September (Private and Independent school holidays are different – please check with your school). Students will return to school on Monday 12th October for Term 4.

Darwin Family Life has rounded up some of the fantastic options that are free (or affordable) activities to do with your kids these Darwin School holidays.

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Best walks and bike rides with kids in Darwin

best walks and bike rides with kids in Darwin

We are quite blessed in Darwin to have many seaside walkways and bike paths which are often overlooked. Exploring Darwin has never been a perfect time with our beautiful dry season now here. Exercising and exploring with your family is a perfect option to have some quality family time. We have rounded up the best walks and bike rides with kids in Darwin which if your kids are anything like mine they are constantly needing to burn their endless energy.

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Child myopia: What you need to know so your kids have the best possible vision for life

Child myopia

As we get older, we expect that our eyesight could start to decline, but what if your child was diagnosed with a vision problem?

Myopia, sometimes known as short-sightedness or near-sightedness, is a common condition that causes blurred distance vision.  It usually starts during childhood and typically progresses until the child stops growing.

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Our Mum bodies – Mum body image after having kids

Mum body image

Mum body image. It is a thing. I have chatted to other Mum’s and it is a common theme but not many people talk about it openly. It is accepting your body and how it changes and looks after babies. I personally have struggled in the past and still occasionally struggle with my Mum body image – which I will talk about my own struggles in this blog. After having children one of the most difficult adjustments can be in accepting your post-baby body. If you are struggling with your mum body image, check out our tips on a little bit of self-acceptance.Continue Reading →

Commerce Pints Hockey Club- a great sporting option fun for all

Commerce Pints Hockey club

In 1948 the NT Hockey Association was first formed, however Hockey has been played since the 1940’s. Darwin has a strong hockey community with 11 clubs currently registered with the Association. There is social hockey, indoor hockey and the Darwin League competition. The Commerce Pints Hockey Club is one of the clubs playing in the league for numerous years with a strong family focus with Junior and Senior competitions.

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Gardens Tennis Club – a great sporting option for kids and adults

Gardens Tennis Club

Gardens Tennis Club is the largest and one of the most successful tennis centres in Darwin. The centre has 12 hard courts under lights, a Pro Shop for all your needs and an air conditioned club house. Gardens Tennis has provided a venue for tennis in Darwin for decades and was first established in June 1958 trading as the Darwin Tennis Association. The club caters for all ages from 3 years to adults. Read on for more about the club and the programs they offer.

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