Yummy jelly and fruit cups – quick and easy snack idea

yummy jelly and fruit cups

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I was food shopping the other day with my 7 year old. I really don’t like food shopping with the kids as they always seem to pick up 101 things and want them and insist they need them. But from this shopping trip actually sprung an idea of something we could do together and also make for snacks. We went down the jelly aisle and she picked up the jelly cups that were pre made and she was really wanting them. With four kids and the tiny jelly cups – it was going to be an “expensive” treat. I then saw the tin fruit and then the idea of jelly fruit cups came to mind. Read on for how we made them and also what literacy and numeracy skills came through with this activity.

Our yummy jelly and fruit cups only had two ingredients:  Jelly crystals and tinned fruit. You could choose any of the options or variations available. Plus I picked up these cute little containers to set the yummy jelly and fruit cups in. Here is ours.

yummy jelly and fruit cups

How to make yummy jelly and fruit cups……actually before we get to that….

So we were about to start making our yummy jelly and fruit cups when my daughter said “stop wait Mummy”. So I waited. To my surprise she came back with a scrapbook and a pencil and she then excitedly said – “I want to write down the steps and ingredients Mummy”. So our simple making some yummy snacks turned into a mini literacy and maths activity. Bring on learning in real life moments!

yummy jelly fruit cups


  1. Make the jelly using the packet instructions – ours said add crystals to a bowl and add 1.5 cups of boiling water and stir until dissolved.
  2. Put the tinned fruit into each container. Roughly the same amount in each. This big tin was enough fruit for x8 little containers.
  3. Pour the jelly mixture onto the fruit almost to the top.
  4. Put the containers of jelly and fruit into the fridge/freezer to set (we put ours in the freezer to help set quicker.)
  5. Ta Da! Yummy jelly and fruit cups treat!

writing out the steps
steps for yummy jelly fruit cups

From this simple activity she practised her procedure writing skills, spelling skills, and also measurement skills. It was great to spend some quality one on one time with her doing this task which is a rarity in our busy household with four young kids!

Miss 7 and I with jelly and instructions

Do you like baking or cooking with your kids? Try getting a scrapbook next time and they can draw the pictures or write the procedure (depending on your child’s age). Let us know in the comments what is a favourite in your household to bake or make.

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