Creating the best childhood memories

creating the best childhood memories

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The things kids remember are not always the things that cost a lot of money. More often than not it is the simple things that they enjoy and love, and most importantly – time spent with family. In our faced paced busy lives we should really slow down and make time for the ones we love. Create these moments and make time and reconnect. Here are our top 9 ideas for creating the best childhood memories for your kids and creating some time with your loved ones.

Best childhood memories idea one – Backyard camping

This article is a collaboration between Darwin Family Life and Big W.

If you don’t have the energy to go away camping (and let’s admit it – it can take a lot of packing up for a trip away with kids in tow! The clothes, the cooking gear, sleeping bags, tents, food, snacks and the list keeps going!) Why not do an easy backyard camping night! Kids will love camping in their own yard, snuggled up in the sleeping bag. Check out these cute camping chairs you can get from Big W! Perfect for toddlers and young children for camping or even just when you head out for a family fun day or event.  Grab a tent, sleeping bags, camp chairs and some board games and your ready for a fun filled evening. We got all our kids camp chairs, tents and board games from Big W they have everything your family needs to go camping this Dry season!

We set up our tent, camp chairs and got out some board games out on the weekend and the kids had a ball! We will be heading off for a family camping trip soon and the kids can’t wait! Stay tuned for a blog coming out soon about some great camping places to take your family and visit around Darwin.

three kids in tent
3 kids playing board gameskids camping chairs and tent

Best childhood memories idea two – movie nights and camping in lounge room floor

Do you remember camping out on your lounge room floor? Having a movie marathon with all your favourite movies and yummy movie snacks? Why not get a big mattress or sleeping bags and pillows out or if you have a sofa bed use that.  Allow your kids to pick their favourite movies (yes it may mean watching Moana, Frozen or Toy Story for the 20 millionth time!) Organise some special movie snacks, some popcorn, maybe a few lollies, a platter of yummy food! Or maybe even just ice cream with sprinkles! Enjoy the snuggles and movie time with the kids!

Best childhood memories idea three – picnic dinners

How often do you eat inside, at the dinner table or on the couch? Why not mix it up and have a picnic dinner out in your front or backyard? We normally eat at our dinning room table and one night it was piled high with things and I figured why not just have a picnic tonight? So we grabbed our rug out and put it outside. The kids absolutely love it! “Best night ever Mummy!” Such a simple act of eating on our rug, brought such happiness and fun times to our household – why not try it at your place tonight?

picnic dinner

Best childhood memories idea four – your pick!

Sometimes as parents we always tend to say no. It is our default and too hard to say yes to the demands and requests. We often decide and plan where we go during the week or on the weekend. How about giving the freedom over to the kids. Let the kids decide where you go for an outing or what you will have for dinner (you might need to ask them the day before to prepare for the request). But allow your child the choice. You will be surprised. I have asked my eldest what she would you like for dinner one night this week. Her answer spag bol! It is one of our dinners we have the most but is still one of her favs and so easy. The other day my boys were so keen to go to the museum. We didn’t have any plans or things we had to do so I said “yes – why not! If that is what you would like to do today let’s do it!”

Best childhood memories idea five – playground day!

Spend a morning or a whole day checking out lots of different playgrounds! Pack a picnic and make a day of exploring various playgrounds around the place. Darwin has some wonderful playgrounds! You can check out our playground page here to get you started. Then you can chat at the end of the day and discuss as a family what was the best things at each playground!


Best childhood memories idea six – Cubby houses

I still remember as a kid putting sheets over our dining table and constructing cubby houses! Why not grab a sheet and do this today! Pop it over your dining table, grab some cushions and blankets for inside and get all cozy with your kids. You can read books in your cubby or let them use their imaginations! Lot’s of fun to be had with a good old cubby house!

Best childhood memories idea seven – dance party!

Music is a great way to change the mood and have a lot of fun! Get the CD player going or hit You tube and create a fun play list of all your favourites and the kids favourites too! Then let the dance party begin! Let your hair down and be silly! My kids love dance parties and dancing around with Daddy and Mummy! Dance parties are easy to make happen any day or time and can really help change the mood and enjoy a moment!

Best childhood memories idea eight – breakfast for dinner!

Who said eggs just had to be for breakfast? Maybe once every now and then mix things up – enjoy an easy dinner that is no fuss and fun for the kids! Ask them what breakfast food they would like for dinner? I remember my husband working night shifts and coming home at odd hours and then having cereal. My toddler at the time announced “Daddy it’s not breakfast time!”…..but having an easy omelette or scrambled eggs, dip in the eggs or even a bowl of cereal for dinner would create a fun memory and moment for your family!

Best childhood memories idea nine – mini date with Mum or Dad

If you have a few kids like I do, quality one on one time can be hard to find with each child. Why not take one child out for a special coffee/baby cino, ice cream treat or just a trip to the park or playground with just Mum or Dad. That time together with one parent and child can be so precious. You often find they will talk about all sorts of things that they may not get to chat about with other siblings around or they may just enjoy that time with you.

Mum and son eating ice cream

We hope you have enjoyed reading our ideas of creating the best childhood memories! Leave us a comment if have some other great ideas!

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  1. I love these ideas! We have been talking about setting up a tent in the backyard and I love the idea of dates with mum or date. Thank you for the inspiration!

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