How to support your kids during separation

support your kids during separation

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Separation and divorce. No one ever expects to have to deal with these scenarios but life can send us curve balls sometimes! Separation and divorce when children are involved things become even more complicated. This week we have guest blogger Anju who out of her own “surprise” separation and divorce has found herself and strength to raise her two young children on her own and created her own business called the Separation Exchange. Read on for some tips on how to support your kids during separation.

Support your kids during separation: A mothers perspective

Keep the “Normal” Routine:

As much as possible…Whilst it maybe hard to maintain regular routines with your pre-separation life where two people were available to share the logistics, for my kids: keeping the routine really helped! For example – same after school activities, dinner & bath routine, story time etc. This allows the kids to maintain some form of “normal” during such life altering situation. Finances and the ability to spread yourself thin to be able to maintain the logistics do get tricky BUT this really helped the vibe that my kids had during such a horrible time accepting not seeing their Dad each day like they were used to.

Setup distractions:

Distractions such as play dates or extra curricular activities to alleviate the re-adjustment period when it is all very new. Distractions won’t remove the pain or anxiety but it may help. A new sport or after school activity or setting up regular play dates which don’t cost any money if having them at home.

Have open conversations:

Conversations about the changes regularly to enable the kids to articulate their feelings. Each night after dinner “our thing” was for the my two kids and I to jump into bed and read or watch TV together. I took this time to dive into their days while stealing as many cuddles as I could. Even now, though they are older and the bed is more crowded… we still do this, it is one of my most favourite times of the day!

Make sure you look after YOU:

You need to ensure you are able to be there for your kids, you need to stay healthy. While the weekends I didn’t have the kids were busy, and I was working full time. I did try to make some “me” time. While not cooking ahead for the week, and doing the usual catch-up on chores, I woke up early and did BOXING, or caught up with friends and attempted to make new ones. I needed to create and have my me time to keep me healthy.

separation exchange author

About the guest blogger

Anju went through a “surprise” separation and divorce was a rebirth which awakened her! She wrote this article on tips to support your kids during separation.

After a period of sadness and struggle, revealed a person who was forced to sort her shi# out and find the strength needed to raise 2 young kids without a partner! And so a new journey began with new dreams and the Separation Exchange was created and launched.


After graduating from Monash University and spending many years within the IT and Business consulting industry coupled together with my life experience (or demise), has helped shape The Separation Exchange.

A central portal for ALL things related to separation and divorce, a place to : connect with others, find related end to end information, to find specialist service providers, a place list for shared services such as accommodation & nannies and a place to gain insight into tried and tested experience from real people!

Find The Separation Exchange at: Website, Facebook Page, Facebook Group and Instagram


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