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Recently in the Darwin Family Life Community Hub; I asked the question – Best piece of advice for a new Mum. The comments, advice, support and words of wisdom was overwhelming! I wish there had been a list complied that was this realistic and helpful when I became a Mother 7 years ago! Read on for all our members helpful suggestions and tips for all Mothers, new Mums, Mums that have been doing this mothering gig for a bit and everywhere in between – it is helpful to have perspective and advice from other Mums!

Words of Wisdom for Mums

“This too shall pass” it’s my favourite quote as it sums up motherhood. 

Everything is a phase. Embrace the good with the bad.

You can’t love your baby too much!

Babies aren’t built to sleep through they are built to feed. Sleep while you can.

Believe you are doing your best.

My words of wisdom – Listen to yourself not the imaginary judges, do what works for you and your baby.
Give a BF baby a bottle a day so they take it for when you need time away.
Do what you feel is right to you, not what you have read.

“The nights are long but the years are short!”

Always have a shower in the morning, it helps you feel human again regardless of how little sleep you had at night!!
There will be days when being a Mum just sucks. And that’s ok. Because some days it really does suck!
Asking for help is not a weakness, it comes from a place of courage and great strength xx
It may seem tough now but wait until they are teenagers hahahaha!!! I don’t even know yet but right now I’m guessing this is the easiest part… Hahahahah and look forward to waking their arses up in the mornings like they did as babies!!
My words of wisdom – Remember to do one thing for yourself every day……for me in those first weeks it was as basic as have a shower before midday! Also if you can get a cleaner it is worth every cent.

Get Netflix for the rough nights lol….my saviour!

Don’t be too harsh on yourself if things don’t go to plan, whether in pregnancy, birth or raising your babies.
Don’t feel ashamed if you think you have post natal depression. It’s more common than you might think and it can happen to anyone. Talk to the people who love you. You deserve help!
Love and wallow in the joy of your precious bundle as if there were no tomorrow. Live in the now, and enjoy the small things. Take each day as it comes and do not worry about the future. You are all your baby needs. You are strong and brave. Some days you may not feel it, but you are a great mamma!

When in doubt whip it out 😉

They will come to you for EVERYTHING! “What if I told you, your Dad knows how to get a snack too.”
If someone offers to help and you need it, take it. Don’t ever be ashamed of admitting you need a hand.

Going to woolies for absolutely no reason other than to feel like an adult or talk to an adult is also ok!

Watching SBS won’t help your baby learn a new language……It will just make you crazy.

Always keep your sense of humour xx

Breastfeed your baby if you can, if not, give them formula (You cannot push your boobies to have milk, you know). Also seek help from a lactation consultant! They can be very helpful! Or ring the Australian Breastfeeding Association Hotline or contact our local ABA group (here).
Everyone will have an opinion about how YOU should parent YOUR child. Take note but ultimately listen to your newly found mother instinct xx

Take a rest, you deserve it…..Deep breaths……Pray……..Everything will gonna be alright.

Leaks and explosions will happen. Always have spare clothes and wipes.
No one knows your baby better than you.
Go with the flow…….
You may feel like a bit of a dairy cow the first few weeks/months with constant feeds. Totally normal and get the wonder weeks app. Even if it’s not your first child it’s a great reminder as to why your baby has gone from angel to major pain in the butt!

PJ days are good for the soul and less washing as a bonus 😉

If you put on weight just remember it took you 9 months to put that weight on and can take the same time to loose it don’t punish yourself for it.
It’s normal for your hair to fall out. We’re hoping one day it also falls out off your legs, under arms and bikini line. But for the first few months you may be able to make a wig from your bathroom floor 😉
It is ok to have bad days. Embrace them. Sometimes you will just need to survive the next 5 minutes and the 5 minutes after that but you will survive. Everybody has them, some just hide it better than others!

It’s ok to let them cry for 5 mins while you cry yourself and pull yourself together when it seems to much. Self care is important…. need to look after you before you can take care of others.

Oh and everything you said you weren’t going to do? You probably will! True story! 
  • no food in the car (my car looks like a toddler rampaged through woolies)
  • no dummy (you do what you must for sleep)
  • only cloth nappies (after the first poo – nope)
  • only the best homemade food (packet pasta has saved my life lol)
  • I won’t panic if he falls over (ambulance on speed dial)
  • soft, soothing music (his favourite band is Metallica and he knows all the words to a few AC/DC songs)
  • educational TV (Dino truck and boss baby are life)

Phases and stages that change before you know it.

Relax and don’t try so hard to be a perfect mum.

My words of wisdom – Get outside in the fresh air as much as you can, don’t stay cooped up in the house.

Don’t sweat the small stuff!

They are only small once so enjoy every minute.

To the new Mum “just do what you can do and don’t compare how you’re doing it to others” All babies are different and reach mile stones at different times.

Don’t worry about the mess, enjoy the time as it goes so fast. Sit back and enjoy the ride as it is one hell of a great one.

Expect the unexpected.

It’s honestly ok to cry.

Don’t worry about what lies ahead; just focus on the now (that’s enough to think about!) They change and grow so fast. This too shall pass!
Always trust yourself and cherish every moment as it flies bye so fast!
We hope you have enjoyed reading these real, funny, sentimental words of wisdom from our Darwin Family Life Community Hub members! Come and join us here in our Facebook group.
If you are still looking for Mother’s day gift ideas – check out our gift guide here.
I wish all the Mothers everywhere a beautiful Mother’s day this Sunday 13th of May. May you be spoilt, appreciated, loved and acknowledged for all that you do for your family xx

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