The daily grind of Motherhood

the daily grind of motherhood

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The daily grind of Motherhood. When you have little ones, the daily grind of day in and day out can be relentless. But it will soon change, everything is a stage and a phase and the little ones will soon grow a little more and need you a little less. Have you ever sat and flicked through photos and remembered moments. Ones you may have forgotten? The good, the bad, the challenging times. The beauty of social media these days is the good old Facebook memories and other apps and things that prompt our memories. I am so grateful for these snippets of my past mothering days because having 3 little ones under 2 in the beginning life was pretty blurry.

Flash Back to my daily grind of Motherhood

To over 2 years ago….I snapped this photo of my happy chaos……
Back then, I had a newborn baby and 3.5 year old twin boys at home with me majority of the week….my big girl was at full time school. I had four little people 5 years and under. Yes it was tough but not impossible. I adapted and prioritised. On my bad days, I would always think of someone else who was in a more difficult position than me. Often the person who came to mind was the lady in Perth who had quins! Yes 5 babies, plus two older children (that were only like 3 and 5) when her 5 babies were born. She did have loads of help and volunteers round the clock to help in the early days but I still cannot fathom her life and how challenging it would be day in and day out.

School run with a newborn….

Not fun at all. Just part of the juggling act. I swear my baby girl lived in the baby carrier for nearly 18 months! It saved my sanity and allowed her to sleep on the go. She just had to fit in. She was bubba #4. That’s just the way it had to roll, no set nap times as such but naps on the go. People were shocked when they actually started seeing her walking lol!
My biggest piece of advice to any new Mum – is to invest in a good quality baby carrier. Especially if it is baby number 2 or 3! I still have my baby carrier – an Ergo baby from my first baby now over 7 years old and still going strong. Little Rompers have all your baby needs and can help you out with finding a great baby carrier.
little rompers carrier

“And just like motherhood goes you have the shitty days where everyone sends you bonkers then you have days like today where everything seems to go right 95% of the time!

Every Mumma out there….I want you to know we all have our shitty days. Some of us just hid it better or don’t let others know. But it is completely normal.
Motherhood is a roller coaster….a pretty tough gig but we wouldn’t change it for the world! ???
If your lil people are happy, fed and you got them to bed give yourself a high five! Some days you will rock this Mumma gig and others you will be surviving hour by hour and that is ok. xx
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