The daily grind of Motherhood

the daily grind of motherhood
The daily grind of Motherhood. When you have little ones, the daily grind of day in and day out can be relentless. But it will soon change, everything is a stage and a phase and the little ones will soon grow a little more and need you a little less. Have you ever sat and flicked through photos and remembered moments. Ones you may have forgotten? The good, the bad, the challenging times. The beauty of social media these days is the good old Facebook memories and other apps and things that prompt our memories. I am so grateful for these snippets of my past mothering days because having 3 little ones under 2 in the beginning life was pretty blurry.

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Our Mum bodies – Mum body image after having kids

Mum body image

Mum body image. It is a thing. I have chatted to other Mum’s and it is a common theme but not many people talk about it openly. It is accepting your body and how it changes and looks after babies. I personally have struggled in the past and still occasionally struggle with my Mum body image – which I will talk about my own struggles in this blog. After having children one of the most difficult adjustments can be in accepting your post-baby body. If you are struggling with your mum body image, check out our tips on a little bit of self-acceptance.Continue Reading →