Presence not presents – this Father’s Day

Presence not presents – this Father’s Day

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Today is Father’s Day. A day to say a special thank you to the Father’s, step fathers, grandfathers and other men who play an important role in our lives or our children’s lives.

Whether you made breakfast in bed, dined out for brunch, lunch or dinner. Spend some special time together as a family to celebrate and enjoy.

Wrapping Antics the day before Father’s Day in my house

We can often get caught up in the hype of days like today. We think we need to rush out and buy the biggest and best presents for them. My children however showed me differently. Yesterday while I was having a lie down they got out a roll of wrapping paper and randomly found things or made things to give to their Poppy. Miss 6 found a new little bottle of bubbles. Mr 4 made a paddle pop plane and the other Mr 4 wrapped an empty tissue box. Yes that’s right, an empty tissue box!!


So we went over to celebrate Fathers Day with Poppy and my children excitedly gave Poppy all these wrapped treasures. I carefully forewarned that I was not sure what exactly had been wrapped. The excitement continued as all the presents were unwrapped. The colourful hand painted canvas the kids had created was hung on his office wall. All the presents were opened and consequently laughter followed – especially because of the tissue box.

So what was important on this Fathers day to remember? It is your presence. Visiting them, calling them, being with them and creating happy memories. They don’t need the biggest and best gadget, shirt or gift. So take a leaf out of my children’s book. You don’t need expensive presents to enjoy days like Father’s Day all you need is presence. Presence and also maybe a roll of wrapping paper and some cardboard! Haha!!

Most of all, may today be a fun and full of happiness!

Leave a comment and tell me what you did this Father’s day together to celebrate.

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