Darwin now has drive through fuel through convenience

Darwin now has drive through fuel through convenience

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As a busy mum, I am always on the lookout for ways to make my life easier and simpler. One of the constant needs in running a household is fuel in the car. But Darwin now has drive through fuel convenience in several locations. Darwin Family Life has done the research and found the locations for you!

I dread seeing that little fuel light come on and having a car full of kids, can you relate? You are then faced with the dilemma of dragging all the kids into and out of the car …..which can be a lot of effort and all those damn tempting chocolate bars right at the cashier. All the kids then want to grab one and say “can we have one Mummy”. Or you leave the kids in the car, lock it and run in to pay like a madwoman because you have left your kids in the car for one minute. Which of course is not really a great option.

Luckily there is now another option!!


Darwin now has a few drive through petrol stations open which brings convenience and ease to the busy Mum – and will keep your sanity. Also a huge bonus the ones we have located are also all open 24 hours!!

Darwin Family Life is pleased to round up all the info for you here right now and share with you the locations of the places you can get pay at the pump fuel. We have found ones located in Darwin City, one in Palmerston and one in the Northern Suburbs, but please let us know with a comment if you have any others we can add to the list and let other Darwin Mums know about them!

Petrol station locations

Platinum Fuel Services at 15 Finniss St, Darwin City NT 0800 (open 24hrs!)

This place is awesome for a few reasons – not only does it have drive through fuel where you can pay at the pump, It has an emergency back up generator! So if there is ever a black out and you need to get fuel, this is the place to go. (Hahah Darwin and black outs! Hello wet season!) Platinum Fuel Service is also well known for its cheap fuel prices! So if you are looking for some savings in your weekly budget – visit here!

Caltex Star Mart Yarrawonga at 8 Middleton St, Yarrawonga NT 0830 (open 24hrs)

Caltex Starmart Eaton (Opposite Kingpin) cnr Neale Street and Mcmillan Road Eaton (open 24hrs!)

Have you found any other drive through fuel options that we can add to our list? Please leave us a comment to let us know about them


  1. BP Pinelands off the Stuart highway inbound. Bonus in the mornings – you can get drive through coffee from the red coffee van parked there

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