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Mince 3 ways

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Mince. It has to be one of the most budget friendly meats on the market. The premium or homemade mince offers a healthy version for families. Mince 3 ways was a concept I developed when looking at ways to use up leftovers and still have a variety of meals during our week.

As a busy mum, I am always on the lookout for ways to make my life easier and simpler. I was talking to a friend the other day who also has a large family and I asked her what sort of meals she does during the week. She replied she often does a big batch of one meal so it can feed the family for two nights. It got me thinking about this and how I could also implement this without it being the “same meal”. I am also conscious of the amount we spend on our weekly food shop so I am always on the hunt for healthy, easy and nutritious meals for my family that won’t break the bank.

Mince 3 Ways

Mince 3 ways came to fruition when I wanted to use up leftovers of our bulk spaghetti meat and veggie base but not have the same meal again. I thought about what other meals I could use this for and planned out my weeks meals. I had bought a kilogram of beef mince and a bunch of veggies (this can be anything your family likes or you have in the fridge). The veggies I used carrots, celery, baby spinach, zucchini, eggplant, mushrooms, capsicum, onion and garlic. I blitzed up the veggies – except the onion and garlic in my food processor (AKA Thermomix!) Then I cooked the chopped onion and garlic in a fry pan, then adding the mince and browning it. Adding the blitzed veggies into the pan and I also added a jar of paasta sauce as well . This was then the base mix of the 3 meals prepared.
Spaghetti Bolognese

Meal One – Spaghetti Bolognese

Super simple and always a hit with the kids. From the above recipe I also added some fresh mushrooms and olives to the base mix then served over cooked pasta and sprinkled Parmesan cheese on top!

Meal Two – Nachos


Ok so probably not the “healthiest” of dinners due to the chips and loads of cheese but this made for an easy Friday night dinner for our “movie night”. Plus it made me feel a little bit better knowing there was a tonne of veggies in the base mix. I put the base mix on top of a pack of corn chips on a baking tray. Then top with a heap of grated cheese and put in the oven. Ensure the cheese melts all over it. My kids loved it! They were amazed with this dinner! Allowed to eat with their hands!! Haha

Meal Three – Lasagna

Grease a large rectangle baking dish and grab a packet of lasagna sheets. Alternate the layers between lasagna sheets and the base mix. Top with a final layer of lasagna sheets. Make up a white/cheese sauce, then add loads of grated cheese on top. Put into a preheated oven of about 180 degrees and bake until the cheese is melted and the lasgna sheets are cooked through (approx 20-30mins).

We hope you have enjoyed our quick and easy mince 3 ways meals. If your looking for some more family dinner inspiration, check out our yummy Sausage and veggie risotto.

Do you have another fabulous mince family meal idea? Feel free to leave us a comment!

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