Best walks and bike rides with kids in Darwin

best walks and bike rides with kids in Darwin

We are quite blessed in Darwin to have many seaside walkways and bike paths which are often overlooked. Exploring Darwin has never been a perfect time with our beautiful dry season now here. Exercising and exploring with your family is a perfect option to have some quality family time. We have rounded up the best walks and bike rides with kids in Darwin which if your kids are anything like mine they are constantly needing to burn their endless energy.

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Teaching photography to your kids

teaching photography to your kids

Teaching photography to your kids is a fun exercise. You get to spend time with them and bond. You are encouraging them to be interested in a new hobby which they will enjoy. In today’s world where kids are constantly at home on the computer, iPad or mobile phone playing games; it is very important to teach them a hobby that will get them out of the house into nature and allow them to explore their surroundings.

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Fannie Bay Super Pizza – Kids Eat FREE deal family friendly restaurant

Fannie bay super pizza

Fannie Bay Super Pizza is an amazing kid friendly restaurant. As a Mum to four young kids I know taking kids out to dine at a restaurant can be challenging and tricky most of the time. Will the kids like the food, will the kids be too noisy or messy, will it be too busy, is the place family friendly? What do they have to keep my kids entertained or will I have to put an Ipad or my phone in front of them to keep them busy. Fannie Bay Super pizza ticks all the boxes for a family friendly restaurant and it is fast becoming a favourite place for my family to go to.

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Our Essential guide – 5 Top Tips for Camping with Kids

top tips for camping with kids

Our guest blogger explores her top tips for camping with kids in this post. Lynelle has four kids and quite often takes the family camping in the dry season. She loves exploring the Top End and usually away from the popular camping spots! Have you been thinking about taking your kids camping but not sure how you’ll cope? It’s understandable to feel anxious before your first family camping trip but with a bit of planning, some practical tips and the willingness to give it a go, you’ll be ready for a great time together in the great outdoors.

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Our Top 9 ways to bond with your kids and reconnect

bond with your kids

It’s funny how we can spend so much time with some people and yet still lose touch with them. As children get older they start to need you less and exert their independence, this happens from before they turn 2! How do you manage to recreate a wavering strong bond with your kids?

With every developmental stage your child spends more time interested in different things to you, and because they are more independent you can focus on other things too. As they get older you will take on more work or be able to spend more time getting chores done or focussing on yourself or your friends.

When they are babies we start looking forward to the time when they won’t cling to us so much and we can get back our personal space. But as soon as we get this, parents realise it is more important than ever, we want to create a strong bond with your kids again. What are some tips to reconnect with your kids?

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Darwin Botanic Gardens and Eva’s Cafe

Darwin Botanic Gardens and Evas Cafe

One of our favourite places to take the kids is the Darwin Botanic Gardens. Weekend family time we find it is always good to get out and explore somewhere with the kids and let them burn some energy. We are truly lucky in Darwin with the various locations and loads of events to fill our calendars – many of them being free of charge too – which is always helpful with a large family.

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