Making Pom Poms – Children’s craft activity to keep them busy!

The finished pom pom

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My 6 year old daughter came home from school recently with much excitement to show me her pom pom she had created during school. Her smile was beaming off her face how proud she was for having finished this project. A pom pom is a wool ball. It is created using cardboard discs and threading different wool in and out. I used to make these as a child also and kept me entertained for hours and now my daughter is enjoying them too! Such a great moment to share things with her from my own childhood. We sat down one afternoon recently to start making some pom poms and teaching my boys as well. We decided to use Christmas colours but any wool will do. Check out our video and keep reading for all the instructions on how to make your very own pom pom.

What you will need to make pom poms

To make your own pom poms you will need:

  • Various coloured wool
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Circular container to trace around
  • Two cardboard circles like in picture.


pom pom ready to cut

Make two cardboard circles with a small circle inside. Cut them out. Hold the cardboard circles together and thread a piece of wool through and tie off so they are held together. Now start threading your wool inside and out repeating and tying on new wool colours once yours piece has finished. Keep threading in and out until the small hole is almost closed. Depending on speed and focus – it may take you a short time or long time. Now start cutting the wool on the cardboard join on the outer circles. Cut along the whole circle and before pulling off the cardboard tie off one piece of wool around the middle. Then fluff up the pom pom and it’s complete! Check out our video below for visual guide on what to do. We hope you get hours of entertainment out of this activity and is great for indoors quiet time or when it is raining! I would recommend this craft activity from 5 years up depending on their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.

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