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From her local beauty salon in Darwin NT let us introduce you to Tam. Her vision and story, is one of creations. A unique little haven of love, community, relaxation and serenity. This is the story of Belleza by Tam

How long have you been running your business in Darwin?

I created this business five years ago. Using the previous 10 years of experience I had accumulated working in large day spas. One of the things I felt was missing was the nurturing element. Big business is about money and it was not satisfying work making the bucks for big business and doing nothing for my local community I had grown to love so much. So, when the day spa I was working for 5 years ago suddenly sent 9 of us redundancies I took a chance. A leap of faith into creating something unique to me…Initially starting with changing the emphasis from clients and numbers to friends, health and wellbeing.

What was your vision when you started?

I wanted a sanctuary where women could come and leave the outside world and worries behind them. I wanted that to begin as soon as their feet hit the inside of my room. For me it starts with the beautiful diffuser sitting inside the door that wafts amazing pure DoTERRA essential oils. Within minutes, it has these beautiful women breathing in deep satisfaction and exhaling long exhales of departing tension and cares.

Other elements of this creation are the lighting and candles to enhance and relax all the senses, the lighting, music and even the placement of furnishings and equipment had to be just right. The treatments, products and the experience, had to be one which left my friends renewed and uplifted with a lasting feeling of peace and wellness.

I believe we have done a great job in creating this as the seasonal change drives many local women into the salon. They want some relief from the busy markets and festival that can get very crowded in the short three to six months of good weather. They need some time to recharge and treatment from dry dehydrated skin.

What is your favourite aspect of your business?

Massage is my passion. Creating massage blends with my beautiful 100% pure doTERRA essential oils gives my creative expression wings and cinches my desire to have my dear friends well and relaxed. These creative blends support muscle ease and head tension. They also increase and support circulation and removal of toxins through lymph drainage, using oils like grapefruit, slim and sassy and peppermint to stimulate and invigorate the body. Beautiful lavender and roman chamomile to rest the mind and balance to support the body and find homeostasis.

Facials would be my next favourite! I love the cleansing and purifying work of tea tree and lemon, the soothing and nourishing action of lavender and Frankincense, and of course sandalwood, the best facial massage oil, diluted with a little coconut or Jojoba oil is like heaven to the senses and the skin.

I do have other ranges within my salon, The Earth Care endorsed Pure Fiji range that is perfect for our Darwin climate, and the botanical laden Guinot products that all support and nourish the skin.

Essential oils are not just for the grown up, they have numerous benefits for your kids too. These benefits range from emotional support, immunity support and even assisting with sleep and settling.

It is important to remember that these oils are highly concentrated and are to be used with the utmost care. You will need to be following proper dilution ratios when using topically on children and making sure not to overpower the room with strong aromas if you have a small baby.

Do your research and make sure you invest in some high quality essential oil resources and education so that you can explore these beautiful oils with confidence and get the most out of them!

How do you connect with your local community outside of your salon?

The experiences and passion for natural solutions. A desire to make a change has led me to provide regular classes and DIY workshops on essential oils. Educating, empowering and inspiring others continues to fulfil my desire to make a change in my own way, in my own little pond…. It has since propelled me to start a market stall at the local suburban Malak Marketplace on Saturday evenings from 4pm to 9pm.

This local market resonated with me as it was founded by 3 local women, also with the vision of creating a market with a difference, with a story, with a desire to inspire clean and healthy living. It’s here that I take my beautiful oils and chat with the amazing cross section of Darwin local people, striving to create community full of love and hopefully effecting change for the better.

Do you have other people working with you?

Through my work with DoTERRA I have actually created a whole tribe of likeminded women. They have seen the inspiring effects of the oils and have joined with me to spread the oily love. Most people start out enrolling with a wholesale account as that is the most affordable way to start incorporating the oils into their homes. But, once they have been using them for some time I get many people connect with me to start their own businesses.

This is great for our local community of Darwin as we are empowering other mothers to realise their own dreams and create an income and a business that they can actually take anywhere – which is important in Darwin’s transient community.

Tamara has created something really beautiful in her salon and DoTERRA business and we now know where we will be going for our beauty treatments in Darwin! To connect with Tam or follow her journey please show her some support by following her Facebook page

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