When good things came made with love and still cost 5c

ice cream

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I grew up in the long, hot, dry summers of Country Victoria. It was relentless, oppressive heat. It was hot northerly winds that burnt your nose when you took a breath and it was brown land and dead grass as far as the eye could see. Mum and Dad worked hard to put food on the table. Dad on the farm from sun up to sun down. Mum in town, selling first office equipment and later cars. There wasn’t much room in the budget for luxuries like ice cream or air conditioning.

My sisters and I found creative ways of staying cool during those hot dry months that seemed to go on forever. We’d play for hours under the brown dam water that come out of the sprinkler always making sure that the tiny patch of grass Mum tended stayed green and lush. It was hers and our little oasis in the bush.  We would wet towels and lay them over us in bed. Allowing the hot, circling air from the ceiling fans to cool us as it moved through the towels. We were always in a hurry to go to sleep before the towels dried!

Of course, our favourite way to keep cool was with snacks. Sometimes Mum would stretch the budget and buy a box of ice blocks to put in the freezer. It was so exciting when we could dip our hand in the icey chest and pull out a mystery flavor wrapped in white paper. The best, though, was when Mum would raid the change drawer and give us a few dollars to spend at the school canteen. I would watch the clock until recess and hurry to get my hands on a bag of 5c frozen yoghurt sticks, a milky freeze or a sunny boy. I’d slurp and suck all the creamy goodness before it melted in the hot sun and began running down my arm.

Even now I love the Summer. I guess that’s one of the things that drew us to Darwin; the endless Summers.  Air conditioning is still rarely used in our house. I still love the sprinkler and can’t wait until our daughter is old enough to enjoy it too. I also still love the creamy, slightly tangy and guilt free deliciousness of frozen yoghurt on a hot day.

These Double Decker Frozen Yoghurt ice cream bites and Banana “ice cream” take me back to long, hot summers in the school yard and the days when good things came made with love and still cost 5c.

Double Decker Frozen Yoghurt Ice cream bitesDouble Decker Frozen Yoghurt Ice cream bites

You Will Need:

2x 1Kg yoghurt in two flavors (I like Vanilla and Strawberry)
Ice Cube Trays
Paddle pop Sticks

How to make them:

  1. Half fill ice cube trays with one flavor of yoghurt.
  2. Layer second flavor on top until trays are full.
  3. Cut Paddlepop sticks in half and stick one half in each yoghurt cube.
  4. Freeze.
  5. Now enjoy your delicious creamy yoghurt ice cream bite!

photo credit Yoplait.com

#tavstips –  You can use any type of yoghurt for this, including CoYo and Lactose Free.

#tavstips –  Stock up before the school holidays by making a few trays per day and turning them out into a airtight container to store in the freezer. Then you will have yoghurt ice cream treats any day of the week!

Banana “Ice cream”Banana Ice Cream

You will need:

Soft Bananas – 1 per serve
High power blender or a Yonanas frozen dessert maker


photo credit Feastie.com

How to make it:

  1. Chop soft bananas in chunks and freeze until solid.
  2. Place frozen bananas in the blender and blend until smooth, it will take a while and you’ll think it’s never going to happen but trust me it does!
  3. Serve as is, in cones or get creative with toppings!

#tavstips – Add Cocoa powder when blending for Choc Banana “ice cream”

#tavstips – Chop and freeze bananas anytime you buy them. Also when they start to go a bit soft – pop them in the freezer. Then you’ll always have them in the freezer whenever you feel like a frozen treat.

I hope these treats help you survive the wet and the holidays! If you make them, share your pics using #likenanusedtomake if you want some other tips and activities to survive and enjoy the holidays read this blog for some ideas!

I can’t wait to see the pics – Tavia x

Enjoyed the read and want more….

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