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61 Driver Avenue, Driver, Palmerston, Northern Territory, Australia 0830

“Birds fly, fish swim, and children play” – Garry Landreth

Play Therapy is a developmentally appropriate, evidence-based approach to child counselling. Play Therapy aims to help children to express their feelings and emotions through the most natural form of communication, play.

My name is Louise and I am a Registered Play Therapist who has completed a post graduate qualification of Play Therapy. I have also a BA. Psychology and a BA. Teaching (Early Childhood). I am registered with the Play Therapy Practitioners Association Registration Number 0072. I have a Senior FA certificate and a valid Ochre Card. I have been in the Childcare /Education system for over 30 years.

We offer services in:

* Child Centred – Play Therapy
* Parenting Support and Resources
* Group Activities
1)04.10.2022 Were you happy with the service provided? “Yes” Why?” I was very concerned about an incident that happened to my daughter at school. Louise gave us the tools and resources to talk about it with my daughter, to help process and move on. I calmed down, so did my partner after seeing our daughter’s progress after therapy sessions & our conversations”. Would you recommend this service to others:” Yes because it provided us with the tools & resources needed to help our daughter process and move on from an incident at school”. Any suggestions/improvements: “No we are happy with everything”. Anonymous
2)09/11/22 Were you happy with the service provided? Yes
Why? Louise was lovely and friendly, and my son enjoyed the sessions.
Would you recommend this service to others: Yes, Louise was professional, and the sessions were beneficial.
3) 07/02/2023
Yes  I was happy with the service , Louise has been amazing so understanding .
Would you recommend this service to others: Yes as it has been so good for my son , he asks each week to go see Louise.
Sharina Goodwin
You can read more about our services here

What is Play Therapy

The sessions with your child will run for approximately 30-45 minutes per session depending on the age of your child. There may be times that your child’s session is longer or shorter than this time. The session will always be conducted in a very professional manner although the session may at times appear unstructured and social. Read more about Play therapy here

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Phone: 0447208169

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