A letter to my first born child – slow down you’re growing up too quick

first born newborn

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I cannot believe my first born child turned 7 this week! Around my children’s birthdays I always seem to get sentimental and nostalgic. I want a pause button sometimes to slow down how quickly my children are growing up! You want them to hurry up and move past a stage, you want them to grow up but then they grown up too quickly and before we know it they will leave home!

I cannot believe this week you turned 7. My big beautiful girl. My first born child – you made me a mother. I still remember the day you entered this world like it was yesterday. How blissfully unaware how much my life would change when you born. As a mother, your life is never the same. Even when your children are grown up – they are still your babies. A mother’s instinct kicks in the day your child is born, or probably as soon as you conceive them and feel them growing inside your womb. A mother’s bond with your child is like no other. You always put your child first. A mother’s love is fierce.

My beautiful, kind and bubbly girl – you are always making friends. My first born child – you have a kind soul like no other – you love your brothers and sister so fiercely. Your toddler years were a blur for me – raising three little people so dependent on me and so close together – only 21 months apart. You were my big baby when I had two little babies. You had to grow up a bit too quickly sometimes I think. But the bond and closeness you share with your twin brothers is heart warming. It makes my heart melt when I see the three of you playing together so happy and carefree. Just today you were all crammed together on a swing – smiling and laughing together.

I love watching you play together – your imaginary games that take you off too all kinds of places. You play dolls, you play super heroes, Mums and Dads, you all add to the story and each others company. Of course you also fight like cats and dogs and I often feel like an under qualified referee.

As a new mother you are never told how demanding, how life changing, how draining and exhausting it can all be. This little baby is totally relying on you. But the love, the joy and the happiness a baby and child brings is irreplaceable. It makes it all worth it in the end. There is no sound more beautiful than a child’s laughter! I love being a tickle monster and doing jellybelly jiggle and tickling them all!

The days can be so slow. Ground hog day on repeat. This was especially true in the early years. The never ending feeding, the washing faces, the cooking meals, the endless nights. The scared little person who has had a nightmare or needs a Mummy cuddle. The child creeping into bed for some extra snuggles. These are the best years we are told, I am trying to cherish the moments before they vanish. The days may be long but soon a week and a month flies by and soon another year is gone! I was remembering some of my mottos that got me through the early years when I wrote this blog on juggling life as a busy mother. It made me remember when you were my big baby and your brothers were little babies.

I held your hand walking into school last week and I was trying to take a snapshot for my memory bank. With other little brothers and sisters – I rarely get to hold your hand and soon one day you won’t want to hold my hand and that will hurt a bit. You won’t need my hand to hold, my big girl growing up. You are 7 now!

I read somewhere recently that we always cherish and note down the big important milestones. Their first smile, their first time crawling and walking but we rarely know when it will be there last time at this stage or phase. That hurts my heart a little.

I want a pause button. Please slow down my big girl – you are now 7. My big beautiful first born daughter is 7. Where has 7 years gone? 7 seems so much older than 6. A big blurry roller coaster ride of Motherhood and raising four little people. My happy chaos. I wouldn’t change it for the world.


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