Kid approved San Chow Bau – quick and easy midweek meal

San Chow Boy

It is a scene that could be in any household across Australia with young kids. The dreaded crazy hours or “witching hours” from about 5 pm to 7 pm. If you are not organised with a meal idea sometimes it can all get too hard very quickly. The kids are having tantrums and having meltdowns left right and centre – everyone is exhausted after a long day and usually you have to try and fit in making dinner in amongst this chaos.

This was my house this week and being school holidays, everyone is that extra bit emotional and tired. I had a brain wave of cooking up a quick and easy dinner – San Chow Bau and thought the kids would love it because they usually love anything eaten with hands (tacos/wraps etc). Keep reading to see the quick ingredients I threw together from my fridge and pantry for my own style San Chow Bau that the kids demolished and had several serves! Kid approved!!

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