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Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

Quality Music Education that Nurtures the Mind

Nurture and inspire your child’s imagination, creativity and musical ability…

Musicking Masestros offers world leading researched-based  music and movement program- KINDERMUSIK for newborns to 7 years old. Alphonsus also offers individual piano, violin, viola and cello lessons. Read more here

Musicking Maestros aims to provide quality music education to all children and believes that with the right environment and support, every child could fulfil their musical potential. Alphonsus is proud of the quality of their music students that enrols through the studio and hopes to ‘nurture musical minds’ of your child  to achieve his/ her true music potential.

All lessons are held in Palmerston and Northern Suburbs of Darwin.

Classes/ Services offered

Private Musical Individual Instrument Lessons

Piano, violin, cello and viola lessons. Read more here
Piano Accompaniment for Music Exams and Performances.
Enrol your child for Individual music lessons here

Group Keyboard Lessons

Musicking Masestros also offers group keyboard classes for ages 5+. More than just an ordinary group piano lesson. Their Keyboard Maestro Program offers a structured and goal focused curriculum, combined with movement, singing, percussion playing and many more. Read more about lessons here

Junior Keyboard Maestros class (5 to 8 years old)

Tweeny Keyboard Maestros class (9 to 12 year old)


Nurturing the ROCK STAR in your child…Join their Kidzrock Program a Rock Band Program for 5 to 8 years old. No prior formal training needed! Your child will be rotating between electric guitars, drums and keyboard in this program. During a Kidzrock session, your child will be playing in a rock band rehearsal setting.  Through rehearsals, your child will learn about teamwork, cooperation as well as the importance of patience during rehearsals. Read more and enrol here

Kindermusik Class for babies to 7 years old alphonsus music studio

Create memories and make learning fun in our music classes for babies and toddlers.

In Alpohonsus music classes for toddlers, babies, big kids, and families, we sing, dance, giggle, hop, travel on imaginative adventures, cuddle, play instruments, share ideas, read stories, celebrate the uniqueness of each child, and more! As a trained and licensed Kindermusik educator,  Alphonsus leads the class through music and movement activities with proven developmental benefits that include boosting early literacy and language abilities, social-emotional skills, cognitive development, and gives children many opportunities to practice fine- and gross-motor skills in a fun, loving community of families.

Apart from those ‘usual’ baby bonding activities such as rocking, infant massage, exercise, lullaby, our Educators do much MORE such as teaching families how sound exploration, listening activities, and dances help babies communicate, stimulate eye-tracking skills, and learn to move and coordinate new muscles.

View Kindermusik baby sessions read more and register here

More than just singing and playing instruments. The KINDERMUSIK Level 1 includes opportunities for toddlers to explore new movement and language skills through dance, creative movement, echo songs, and more.

View Kindermusik level 1 read more and register here

We do more than just singing and dancing. In our Kindermusik Level 2 class, we provide opportunities for older toddlers to express their own ideas and explore their creativity. Children and their parents or caregivers sing, dance, learn new vocabulary, and play instruments, all while problem-solving to the beat.
View Kindermusik level 2 read more and book here
We do more than just singing, playing instruments and movement. In our Kindermusik Level 3 class, we provide opportunities for sound exploration, creative play, ensemble (teamwork) development and many more. Children will continue to develop their vocabulary, reading skills, as well as school readiness while enjoying makinmusic with others.
View Kindermusik level 3 read more and book here

Your child’s first ‘serious’ music education starts here…In a Kindermusik Level 4 class, your child will encounter a lot of first experiences with musical concepts. Your child will be introduced to basic musical symbols, complex instruments, and more in-depth movement games. Children will also begin to master new music terms and concepts which prepare themselves for elementary math, reading, and writing.

View Kindermusik level 4 read more and book here

Why are Kindermusik Musicians classes the perfect lead-in to private music lessons for kids?

In Kindermusik Musicians classes, we aim to create a  joyful, encouraging team environment that help your child build a true love for music. In addition, Kindermusik Musicians classes teach children how to read musical notation, play instruments such as the recorder and glockenspiel, providing opportunity for children to explore new genres, and providing the tools they need to succeed in future instrument-specific music lessons.

View Kindermusik Musicians level read more and book here

Read more about the benefits of Kindermusik classes and more info here

More about the Director Alphonsus

Alphonsus graduated from The University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Music and a Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching (Secondary).

Alphonsus is passionate about music education, especially the study of music and the brain and music psychology. Especially in areas of coping with performance anxiety, as well as being passionate about music education in the Early Childhood years. He spends time studying, attending workshops and observing various teaching approaches in Piano and Orchestral Strings Pedagogy; including the Kodaly, Suzuki, Dalcroze and Colourstrings method.
Alphonsus believes that the best approach in music education is the holistic approach to music education that caters to the learning needs, individual gifts, musical background and experience of the child. Being a father of a child with Down syndrome, he has also a special interest in teaching music to students with learning needs.

Alphonsus was a Head of Music and taught at various schools in regional Victoria. Moving to Darwin in 2014, he has worked at relatively new Catholic Secondary School here, developing the Strings Program and assisting in growing and developing the music department for 9 years. During this time, he had the opportunity to be in Primary Schools as a Music Specialist Teacher as well as developing the instrumental programs in schools. Alphonsus has witnessed that not all the children are fortunate to experience a quality music education in their schools.

He is committed to nurture his students to achieve their best and experience success in their musical endeavour. He is committed to improving his teaching practices through research and various professional development.

Alphonsus is an accredited Kindermusik Teacher as well as a Licenced Encore and Kinderbeat Teacher.

Musicking Maestros is a registered activity provider for the NT Sports Voucher scheme and accepts vouchers for lessons.

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