Sanctuary Lakes Playground

Sanctuary lakes is one of the popular parks of Palmerston for a reason. It is a large area, with a walking path which goes right around the lakes, attracting joggers, cyclists, roller bladers and lots of mums with prams! The playground has a large shade sail which covers almost all of the play equipment. There is something for all ages, with a smaller slide and climbing area, a larger slide and a couple of different climbing nets, a little seesaw, some swings and a flying fox and monkey bars. There is even a sort of basketball hoop to practice shooting skills. There is a toilet located close to the park, and barbecuing facilities with tables and benches. These are shaded by tree only.

There is even a little hill your kids can roll down if they like that sort of thing! Hills are hard to find in Palmerston!

Overall this is a great park for all ages, and if you fancy a little exercise a brisk bike ride or speedy walk around the lake will only take about 10-15 minutes. There are plenty of spots for a picnic, you can even try your luck at fishing. There are ducks and ibis too.

If you do decide to walk around the lake, there are parts of the path which come very close to both the water and the road.

As with all water areas in Darwin BE AWARE that there may be crocodiles in the water! Croc sightings have been reported, and there are signs in place.

Take some sunscreen, mozzie repellant and water.

You will find Sanctuary Lakes playground at: 120 Lakeview Blvd, Gunn NT 0832

  • Great for all ages
  • Walking/cycling path
  • Range of good play equipment
  • Toilets
  • Playground and grassed areas well shaded
  • BBQ's
  • Fully fenced playground
  • Lots of parking
  • Some wildlife (ducks/birds) you can feed
  • Parts are close to roads and water