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Humpty Doo, Northern Territory, Australia 0836

Belly Casts  &  3D Baby Hands and Feet

Ever wanted to freeze time, and keep your baby bump or those tiny baby fingers and toes that are so tiny and small Forever?

Located In Humpty Doo NT, only minutes from the shops, Forever and Ever Keepsakes (FEK) has a relaxed casual setting and offers an extensive range of unique keepsakes, such as framed 3D baby hands and feet, pregnancy belly casts and more.

We have products to suit any budget and plenty of choices to suit any taste in design. As a bonus Elisha who owns FEK, is a Mum of 3 and understands the cost of raising a family, therefore she has flexible payment options available if you need a little more time but want those casts done now, you can simply arrange this while booking your appointment.

Currently FEK is undergoing some changes so will will be slowly changing our look and feel and adding some exciting new keepsakes and gifts. Plus some new DIY products to our range, so keep an eye out for the "New to Come".

The facts about casting

Lifecasting is the process of creating a three-dimensional copy of a living human body, through the use of molding and casting techniques. The standout feature of lifecasts is their high level of realism and detail. Life casting and sculptures can be done on any area of the body, with baby and family hands and feet being the most popular choice. Casts can be created at any age from mid gestation age, new borns in the first few hours, right up to elderly. For babies the best time to cast is around 2-3 weeks but can be done at any age you wish and it is a personal preference. Casting can be done on tricky babies/children as it sets really quickly, most go to sleep or don't mind at during the session. You are welcome to feed your baby during a session and your appointments are typically scheduled around a feed time, with small children you should bring a snack or treat. We only use the best, high quality moulding mix - direct from the manufacturer. It is TGA approved, and non toxic formula that is completely safe, and safe if consumed. (doesn't taste that great, but it is edible!!). We have never experienced a reaction to date but if you are really concerned, you are welcome to ask for a test patch to be posted to you prior to your appointment.FEK is fully immunised and up to date to help protect brand new additions from any nasties to put your mind at ease also.

Belly castings

For belly casts, the best time for these is usually around 34-37 weeks. It has been done during early labour also (we really don't advise this if possible, but It does make a great story)! For standard belly masking, Casting only takes around 10 mins and is completely safe and painless, some say relaxing! This is the casts Raw State and can be purchased like this for you to complete for a budget friendly option. We offer to strengthen, smooth and prime your cast ready to hang, paint and decorate as you wish and an artist can be arranged upon request.

High Definition Belly and Body casts use a simalar process to the hand and foot castings. During pregnancy for these casts, you would need to be in great health and be able to stay still for around 20 minutes. These casts usually take quite a long time to get back due to its lengthy process. Once again, FEK uses only the best, highest quality masking/ moulding materials for bellies that is completely safe during pregnancy.


All frames are hand made and shadowboxes are made from pine and painted with a mould resistant paint to help preserve your memories for as long as possible in our tricky humid Darwin climate. If you need help designing a frame, this can be done on the day of your appointment. Your ideas are welcome, so don't forget to bring in your drawings or images of frame choices you love. All frames come with any amount of casts you wish, one plaque with your choice of full details eg/ name, age now, dob, time weight and length OR name and age now, or a reasonable but small size custom plaque. If you want a frame with a photo space, you can simply post these in the mail when you are ready to order. We have loads of designer cutouts inc hearts, dinosaurs flowers and so on... We have quite the variety of frame choices and colour samples also.

Jewellery pendants

These pendants are made from Casted impressions, we then take these casts and we shrink them down to a miniature form to create a pendant. How cool is that!

This stunning new keepsake is amazing, they come in sterling silver, gold plated or solid gold. The best part is this keepsake can be re created  at anytime effortlessly. Normal casts for frames can not and will need to be re Casted so pendants are great insurance just incase.


What sorts of Keepsakes Can I Get?

  • 3D Baby hands and feet (Stand alone, displayed or framed)
  • Baby bottoms
  • 2D Clay imprints of hands and feet.

  • Families, wedding hands, parent and baby, etc

  • Angel babies/angel people/Palliative care    (Casts are created with the upmost respect and lots of love)

  • Memory frames (Babies first outfit and keepsakes, wedding memories, etc)
  • Pets, fur babies paws and hooves
  • 3D Mini Me Jewellery Pendants
  • Pregnancy belly casts/masking
  • High Definition body casts
  • Artistic body casts male/female for statement art pieces
  • DIY Casting Kits Available Soon!!!

Stay tuned for more to come...

To make an appointment you can contact Elisha by phone call or text or leave a message on 0477 867 120

If you have a few questions, please direct them all in one message and i will answer as soon as I possibly can.

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