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Queensland, Australia
Leonie Smith is known as "The Cyber Safety Lady" she is one of Australian most experienced Cyber Safety experts and digital parenting coaches.
Since 2011 Leonie has been providing educational talks on Digital Citizenship and Cyber Safety to students, teachers, parents and seniors.
Book her for a Digital Parenting Session or a talk to your school community or group!
Leonie also provides digital parent coaching to help keep families happy and safe online. 20 years as an online multi media producer, online community builder has seen Leonie using the internet and social media before it became mainstream. She has a unique perspective on using the internet for parent support and for the arts and broadcasting.
Leonie has seen first hand the benefits of the internet for parents of kids with disabilities, she has also seen how it can bring people together to create, support and inspire. But she has also seen how the freedoms of the internet can be misused to harm and exclude.
As a high profile spokesperson on eSafety Leonie has been featured on some high profile media as a spokesperson on cyber safety and digital citizenship. She has been featured on 60 Minutes, The Project, The ABC, The Morning Show, The Daily Edition many news and radio broadcasts.
Leonie Smith is a "Trusted eSafety Provider" with the Office of the eSafety Commisioner.

Digital Families Parent Coaching

Leonie has been helping to empower families to have a happier and safer experience online for over 11 years, since 2010.

The goal for most families is for children to be responsible and well balanced online, to be safe and independent. Leonie can help parents with a custom designed plan to help move their children towards that goal sooner rather than later.

Leonie offers one on one personal consultations for parents and carers via Zoom and Facetime. Every family is different and you may need more than a standardised approach to cyber safety. To book your consult click here

Parent and Teacher Manual - Keeping kids safe online

Leonie is author to the "Keeping kids safe online" manual. A step by step handbook for online and safety settings. Get all the settings for your devices and your child's social media here in one book. TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Fortnight parental controls and much much more. Block porn and protect your child's privacy. Hard copy and ebook of the "Keeping Kids Safe Online" step by step manual comes with pictures and easy to follow instructions.

Buy your Parent manual here 

Digital Families Podcast

A 30min weekly podcast hosted by Leonie Smith "The Cyber Safety Lady" in conversation with parents, students, children, cyber safety experts, family councillors, child protection experts, wellbeing coaches, psychologists and more about maintaining a healthy and safe environment around digital technology in families. Click here to listen to past episodes

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