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Let Sleepy Time Baby help you enjoy this time with your baby

I work with so many families that are exhausted, built up a sleep debt and no longer enjoying this time with their baby. The new parents are exhausted, their baby is exhausted and they are beating themselves up with all the guilt they feel. Sound familiar?

Let me help you, the families I meet are the lucky ones, because I know that within a week I can get their baby to sleep through the night, or at least soundly in between feeds.

I see the difference this makes in the faces of my mums and dads, it is one of instant relief. Both parents grow more confident in their ability to settle their baby, and sleep deprivation is no longer the new norm, rather its a sign your baby is teething, in pain or unwell. Read here from families we have helped.

Stop feeling guilty and start enjoying this precious time with your baby. Learn how to set up an environment for sleep and run a bed time routine like clockwork. Helping your baby to get the right amount of sleep for their growth and development.

I work with families from pregnancy up to 5 years of age. I use gentle techniques so you wont feel like that you have to cry it out anymore!

I am a mum of 3 beautiful children, I have experienced first hand, the exhaustion of being woken up multiple times. I also know the feeling of relief that sleep brings.  I work with families world wide and bring a sense of peace and tranquillity back into the home.....well as tranquil as you can get with kids!

Check out my website or follow me on Facebook and look out for the next intake of Sleep School!

We can also offer Skype sessions for Sleep consultations. We can create a package to your needs Sleepy Time Baby is an advocate for the Gentle Sleeping Method and also helps families who want to practice Co-Sleeping. Click here to see our Sleep packages and for more information or a free 15 minute Sleep Consult please contact us.

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