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GROOVY Greetings,

My name is Kelly Hayes & I am the Owner & Founder of GROOVE Vitality. I am proud to be the the first facilitator of the GROOVE Method in the Northern Territory. A proud member of the The World Groove Movement. Facilitator of the GROOVE DANCEfloor experience. Encouraging participants to be confidently fabulous and dance their own authentic way.

I am a lover of dance inspired by good health. Mum of two beautiful children.

I offer Adults Body GROOVE Classes as well as Kids GROOVE Classes and coming soon special events of Family GROOVE classes. 

What is GROOVE?

GROOVE is a dance fitness class like no other! It is the funnest but simplest dance class that is a great workout without being a chore and you absolutely can not get it wrong.

GROOVE is a great stress reliever as dancing does wonders for your emotional well being and state of mind. Why be moody when you shake your BOOTY.

My class provides feel good moves in an easy to follow, friendly environment. The class includes simple steps, a variety of music styles and a safe atmosphere for you to dance your heart out with no shame or judgement. Good Vibes Only.

BodyGROOVE™ is so incredibly, refreshingly simple that anyone can do it. 

No dance experience needed. 

All you need is a love of music and a desire to feel good. All fitness levels & adult ages welcomed. 


The GROOVE DANCEfloor is the perfect place for kids to explore through movement and stimulate their brains in ways that traditional sports and dance may not do. They get to move in creative wonderful ways, interact with others and express themselves through dance and functional movement and they absolutely can not get it wrong. Kids shave such an abundance of energy and GROOVE is a great way to channel that energy. Embrace their body awareness and work on their key movement skills such as balance, strength, agility and flexibility.

GROOVE is another way to add more play into their day to release energy and foster their imagination, critical thinking and problem solving skills. Empower positive self-esteem through authentic social interaction. It is a great confidence builder and booster. 

A safe space for children to explore their authentic creative side through the fun and magic of DANCE.

We share the same simple moves but do it in our own unique way. They get to express their amazing personalities and experience a wide array of music and get an awesome workout at the same time. Then at the end of the class we finish with a beautiful session of stillness and breath which calms their busy minds.

GROOVE is a wonderful collaboration of fun, fitness, creativity, self expression and calmness. 

Perfect for their minds, body, heart and souls ❤️❤️❤️❤️

If you would like to know more about these new and innovative classes please contact me via Facebook or Instagram or you can email me on

Also please visit my website and remember stay GROOVY ?

Updated Time Table coming soon! Stay tuned


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