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45 Sutherland Avenue, Kings Langley New South Wales 2147, Australia, Epping, New South Wales, Australia 2147


I’m Wendy and I am the creator and founder of A-Maze-In Mind.

I provide parenting support services to Mum’s of Tweens and Teens as well as a mental health support service for young people aged 13 years and over.


If you are tired of yelling, feeling as though you are banging your head against a brick wall or really the miss the days you enjoyed being a Mum then we need to talk!  I work one on one with Mum’s or you can sign up for my new course:

CHAOS TO CALM – Parenting 8 to 18 year olds!
This four-week course will support and empower you to change the way you parent.  If you want to eliminate overwhelm, significantly reduce yelling, put a stop to all the arguing and not be triggered by tween/teen sass then this course is for you!
In a little over an hour a week you will learn about your child’s limitations due to the developing brain, understand your parenting habits and how to change them, manage your stress so you don’t get to boiling point and emotion regulation techniques to teach your child.
Seriously, if you are thinking you just don’t have the time right now, investing just an hour a week in this course will significantly reduce the amount of time your spend arguing and nagging your kids!
The course is just $148.

Find out more HERE or visit my website.

As an experienced family counsellor and parent mentor I have worked with families to help them reconnect and one on one with parents to help them work through the blocks that are stopping them from showing up as the person and parent they wish to be. I offer FREE 15 min consultations, family sessions or one on one. To book in your consultation today click here

If you want to introduce more calm and patience into your life you will need my two free guides for parents of tweens or teens.  Simply leave your email address here and the guides will be sent directly to your inbox.
Alternatively, you can get to know me better by joining my supportive Facebook Group –
There is no doubt that it is tough being the parent of a teen, but being a teen is tough too!
Teens are going through huge changes, not just the obvious changes that come with puberty but also changes in brain function and becoming more aware of themselves.  They are becoming aware of how they look to others, questioning what their purpose is and what they want for their future!
I created the A-Maze-In Mind app to help teens sort through the whirlwind of thoughts and emotions they are experiencing at this time!  The app is 100% online, is updated regularly to ensure current events are covered in the app.  The online environment is a safe and familiar space for teens to access the information they are seeking and by having the app you can be assured that they are accessing a professionally created and reliable source of information (i.e. not from a friend or a random google search!).
The app can be accessed via any internet-enabled device and has a range of tools and resources presented using different types of media to appeal to different types of learners.
The app is available for purchase at just $14.95 per month, no lock-in contract, cancel any time.
For more information visit my website
Check out my FREE resources for parents here
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Phone: 0452 117 660

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